Why Parrotforce?

A user-friendly platform with an elaborate hiring process to get an
experienced and passionate virtual assistant.

Get The Cream of the Crop!

Only 2-3% of all the applicants are accepted in our multilevel hiring process to be a Parrotforce VA.

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Hand-Picked College Graduates

Our team combs through the applications to get the best-of-all college-educated professionals who pass our extensive background checks to ensure we only provide you with the best. Our selected applicants have a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Interviewed with an extensive questionnaire

The selected applicants are vetted through a thorough in-depth questionnaire that helps us assess their competency and expertise to be certain about their candidature.

Initial Screening

Followed by a candidate’s application and interview, our team screens them to know if they will be the right fit for the task and rates their qualifications.

Second Screening

Once an assistant matches with a client, they are again screened for specific skills and knowledge. After passing this intensive process, a VA who is well equipped to help you is assigned to you.

Our Technology.

Our technology adds another feather to our hat for we have managed to design a platform that offers a personalized and intelligent experience.

Latest Tool Integration

We make it easy & seamless for you to contact your Parrotforce Virtual Assistant at any hour as you can text them your any request at Slack, Skype, or whatever else you like!

Omnichannel Presence

Whether you are a text person or a call or you are into a third alternative completely, we help you utilize whatever service you are comfortable with to get in touch with your Virtual Assistant.

Efficient Project Management

We use Trello to manage and schedule your tasks. We’ll help you set up a customized board so you can see what is scheduled and add more tasks directly to it easily.

Safe & Secure Portal

Apart from being efficient our platform is also a safe & secure space for you to carry out your business-related tasks as we handle all the client data discreetly and safely.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning!

We take a futuristic approach by deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enhance user experience.

  • Automated workflows to add tasks automatically.
  • A Software that learns your preferences through Machine Learning.
  • A platform that grasps your requests & responses over time.
  • Virtual Assistants are empowered by technology to serve you the best.

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Parrotforce – Better Than the Rest

Our quality services and features give us a competitive advantage over others.

Affordable, Flexible, and Available 24/7

Our services are utterly affordable and flexible in terms of plan changes, assistant replacements, or cancellations. We require no commitment so you can alter or cancel your plan in a few clicks only.

Time Proficient Service

Allow yourself to breathe and your business to grow while Parrotforce patches you up with a competent virtual assistant, so you have the time to rake in the clients. 

Effective & Efficient

Our platform is powerful, and our services are effective yet efficient, to get qualitative work done for you while you relax, expand, and thrive.

Client-Oriented Platform

Our platform is client-oriented, so we meet our clients where they are. It makes the platform easy to manage so you get whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Transparent Service

We believe in conducting business with transparency so there are no hidden or additional charges. You only pay our monthly fees and get precisely what you pay for. 

Back-Up Procedures

We have back-up Parrotforce Virtual Assistants in place who will carry forward your tasks if required and make the transition smooth.

Rollover Hours

Your unused hours from this month get rolled over into the next. No waste.

Unlimited Sharing

Go ahead and share your awesome service with your family. Just add them as a designated user and we'll handle the rest!

We’ll Order For You

We can order food, products or services on your behalf. We'll pay and charge you securely.

Personal Dashboard

You get a personal dashboard that shows your stats. Change your profile, plans and payments easily.

One Move to Scale Your Business

Unlock multiple advantages and get unmatched value for your money by hiring a Parrotforce Virtual Assistant.
No wasted time. No wasted money!

An Average Full-time Employee

Cost: $4000 per month
  • Less productive
  • Not easy to replace
  • Needs training
  • Narrow skillset
  • Requires incentives
  • Not always available

A Dedicated Parrotforce VA

Cost: $360
  • Highly productive
  • Easy replacement
  • Highly trained
  • Diverse skillset
  • No incentives or additional charges
  • Available 24/7

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