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According to a remote study, hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help save about 78% operational cost compared to hiring a regular employee. With Parrotforce VAs, you can save costs and increase productivity by simply delegating your tasks to a US-based Virtual Assistant available 24/7 for you. You get to prioritize more important tasks while your assistant gets things done.

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Find an accomplished VA for your every need, from Accounting to Marketing, at a low monthly price and no commitment.

Administrative Assistant

An Administrative VA can help you with tasks like online research, data entry, calendar management, documentation, and more, that hog your schedule so you can devote your time to more important tasks.

Operations Assistant

If answering calls and mails takes up the better part of your day, a VA could help you free up your schedule and work on what excites you. We’ll help you set up everything so your VA can respond as per your preferences without additional fees.

Accounting Assistant

If you need help with generating invoices, bookkeeping, and expense management, an Accounting Assistant is the right person for you as they can take care of expenses & invoices while you work on better things..

Travel Management Assistant

A Travel Management VA is someone with a knack for planning events from dinner dates to vacations. They can help you get the best flight deals, accommodation, rental deals and get you the value for money for your business & personal gain.

E-Commerce Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant will take purchasing tasks off your to-do list by buying stuff for you and restocking your inventory as per your requirement and preferences.

Marketing Assistant

Have your Virtual Assistant help you out with executing your marketing strategies by writing a blog or managing your social media handles. You can maintain a strong online presence without disrupting your schedule with a VA.

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Expand your team with an experienced Virtual Assistant and grow your business.

Degree Holders

College-educated assistants with various expertise

Multi-Tasking Assistants

An expert who can hire more than one task on their plate

Dedicated Professionals

An assistant who is dedicated to getting the job done.

People & Interpersonal Skills

US-based individuals with adequate communicational skills

Competent and Accomplished

No amateurs, only professionals who are competent for the task

Ready to Work from Day 1

Our VAs are ready to execute your command from Day 1 without wasting time.

If that isn't enough, we can integrate with services like IFTTT or your existing workflow!

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Cost savings by hiring a VA
Ricky ShamiBloom

“The assistant Parrotforce paired me up with has become as essential part of my life. I have had more time to focus on my clients and my family. ”

Ana KoutrosFounder, CoTravel Inc

“Mo has helped me grow my business considerably. I've been able to take on more clients while she handles pretty much anything I throw at her. ”

Ben GoldenMangager, Shell

“My assistant Claudia has been so helpful over the past couple of months. She handles my trip planning, my calendar and more. She even helped me find Christmas gifts for my kids.”

Drew DennistounConsultant, Simublade

“I'm wondering why I never got an assistant sooner. I've gotten help capturing and following up with leads, allowing me to handle more and only focus on the qualified ones. ”

Nick Eckhert Developer, Honeywell

“I use Parrotforce to keep my life organized. I by no means am a C-executive, but having an assistant makes me feel like it! ”

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What is a Parrotforce Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant or VA is a professional assisting you in accomplishing your tasks in the administrative, marketing, creative, and technical fields to the busy professionals, business tycoons, entrepreneurs. All Parrotforce VAs are updated with the latest technical skills and knowledge. They are trained well to accomplish the given tasks or projects within the given time frame. VAs are subcontractors that are only paid for the hours required to perform each task adding more cost-effectiveness to your budget.

What are the virtues of using a Parrot Force Virtual Assistant?

The perk which most business owners or professionals enjoy with a Parrotforce virtual assistant is that you get a prompt support of a highly-skilled persona who can complete your task with swiftness and clarity to accomplish your goals. If you hire a full-time staff for completing the designated task or a project, it might be over budget for your pockets as well.
By maneuvering a skilled virtual assistant, you can cut down on your overhead expenses. Thereby saying no to wastage of downtime; you pay only on an hourly basis for your set of tasks.

What type of Virtual Assistant Services do you offer business owners?

We offer clients different services packages to choose from. We have curated Birdie, Macau, Amazon, and Kakapo packages that work well with most businesses. You can also get a customized package as per your requirement. Our assorted services range from Administration to Marketing. As a Parrotforce Virtual client, you get a Virtual Assistant who assists you in accomplishing your tasks.

Where is my Virtual assistant located?

All the Parrotforce Virtual Assistants are hired all over the U.S. either in working from home or at the Parrotforce facility. They are trained rigorously for the onboarding process.

How quickly will my project or tasks be completed?

We are committed to delivering on deadlines. Based on the earnestness of the project or tasks at hand our Parrotforce Squad is diligently working towards excellence. They try to be super quickies. The task accomplishment time assigned to our VA’s time is generally between 24 to 48 hours. If your task is time-sensitive, our VA’s work as per your deadline. We are highly galvanized with the energy to complete all projects in a well-timed and professional manner.

How do we communicate and work together?

The Parrotforce Virtual Assistants are just a ping away as we’ll furnish you with a personal number, Skype Id, or Slack to text or call your assistant on texts. We assist our clients with their preferred communication style.

How do I get started with a Parrotforce VA?

To get started with Parrotforce you need to fill up a form that helps us in understanding your necessities. The Parrotforce team will get in touch within 1-2 business working days and entails as per the needs of our daunting clients. We look forward to assisting you in the best possible way.