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Virtual assistants for busy executives, founders and professionals. That’s you.

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Parrotforce provides you with a U.S. based assistant that is available 24/7 so you can focus on the most important tasks, while we handle the rest. All for a low monthly price with no commitment.

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What can your assistant do for you?

These are just a few examples, your assistant can work on any request, as long as it is legal.

Manage your schedule

Your assistant can manage your calendar to keep you focusing on the important things. From booking appointments to shuffling events to give you free time, just send a text or add it to your board.

Answer your calls and emails

Focus on the most important tasks while your assistant takes calls and responds to emails on your behalf. No additional fees, we help you setup it all up so your assistant can respond according to your preferences.

Order you.. anything

Need dinner? A gift for a friend? Dry cleaning? Your personal assistant remembers and learns your preferences and can order items for you securely.


Want to find out what the hottest trends are? The lowest price on airfare? The best product to buy? No matter what the topic is your personal assistant can do the necessary research to provide you with the information you need.

Bookkeeping and Sales

Your assistant can keep track of your expenses, your invoices and a whole lot more. Our assistants are trained help you organize your life. Additionally, your assistant can help you reach out to clients and make a sale!

Website and Social Media

Need a blog post or tweet written? Your website kept up to date? Your assistant can help you keep your online presence solid to get you the best exposure possible.

A service for the modern world.

We make it easy to assign tasks– as it should be

Text Messaging, Slack

You’ll be provided with a personal number to text or call your assistant on. Additionally, you can contact them on Skype or Slack

Mobile Friendly

Every integration has a supporting iOS or Android mobile app that makes it easy for you to communicate with your assistant.

Trello Integration

We live by agile methodology. Your personal board will the hub of how our assistants carry out tasks.

Your preferences for everything

Not into any of the other options? You’ll be provided with a personalized email address to communicate with your assistant.

If that isn't enough, we can integrate with services like IFTTT or your existing workflow!

Helping people reclaim their time


average work load monthly without help


Of your tasks can be done by someone else


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Ricky ShamiBloom

“The assistant Parrotforce paired me up with has become as essential part of my life. I have had more time to focus on my clients and my family. ”

Ana KoutrosFounder, CoTravel Inc

“Mo has helped me grow my business considerably. I've been able to take on more clients while she handles pretty much anything I throw at her. ”

Ben GoldenMangager, Shell

“My assistant Claudia has been so helpful over the past couple of months. She handles my trip planning, my calendar and more. She even helped me find Christmas gifts for my kids.”

Drew DennistounConsultant, Simublade

“I'm wondering why I never got an assistant sooner. I've gotten help capturing and following up with leads, allowing me to handle more and only focus on the qualified ones. ”

Nick Eckhert Developer, Honeywell

“I use Parrotforce to keep my life organized. I by no means am a C-executive, but having an assistant makes me feel like it! ”

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